What an extraordinary event with amazing people on April 2nd! We are so proud of not only our amazing team but also our amazing city for supporting such an ambitious event. We want to thank our precious volunteers, staff and pros that made this all possible and all worked seamlessly to make our guests feel welcomed and gave them an opportunity to have some fun!! And thank you to L.P. Chiasson Photography for these amazing shots that really captures the evening!

We also wanted to thank our partners for this event, without them and their support none of this would have been possible. Picaroons Traditional Ales, Moncton Fish Market Ltd., Centre culturel Aberdeen, Les Brumes du Coude, Ken Ermen, Bore City Brewing, Nova Scotia Spirits Co. 

Also to our glorious and hard working staff, volunteers and entertainers we salute you!
Our Chefs: Ben Cormier, Michel Savoie, Jonathan Morrison, Jean-Francois Félix Daigle, Breanna Richard, Luc Schofield. 
Our Oyster Shuckers: Maxime Daigle, Julien Malenfant. 
Our Bar Team: Jacques Allain, Sam Froux, Bret Dodson, Pierre Martin, Stefan St Pierre, Christine Desjardins, John Jerome. 
Our Service Staff: Steph Myers, Jessie Richard, Mallory Clarke, Cory Alexander, Pierre-André Saindon, Christine Isabelle, Jocelyne Maurice, Mireille Gionet, Zoé Levesque, Carole Deveau, Kim Robichaud, Luc Doucet, Albénie Delacôte. Our PR: Carole Doucet.
Our Musicians: Alexandre Arthur, Matter Kings, Marc Bones LeBlanc. 
Lights and Sound: Luc Mills, Marc Andre "Snake" Landry.
Our Photography and Video Team: L.P. Chiasson Photography, Maurice Veniot, Evar Simon, Atlas Films, Etienne Boivin Marie.