“Create a life that you don’t need a vacation from”

We have been programmed over the years that more work equals a bigger paycheck, more success, promotions, recognition and the dream life that was promised to us. A factor of life that if you don’t put in the hours, success will elude you.

What if they got it wrong? That only hard work isn’t how to gain our dream life. After all, we only have one life to live. That 80 hours a week with little vacation isn’t all it’s cut out to be for achieving a beautiful life. We constantly forget to step back to look at our work. Where it’s gotten us and where we should be going.

“REST is where genius lives”


Rest and vacation mean two very different things. The latter is taking a break from work. To escape to another city or country to try our best to forget about our lives at home. A time that for the most part, is more exhausting than we even think. Vacation for the most part is to plan as many activities as possible in the longest allowable time is given to us.

Rest is a habit that can be formed to allow your body and mind to reset, provoke thought and re energize so that you can return to your day to day life with intent, growing more efficient and doing the things that are important.

Scheduling rest in your routine will change the way you think. It will enable you to work so clearly that you won’t need to work longer, you will work with clarity to achieve your goals. We live in a world full of distracted schedules and we mostly forget to schedule a time for self care. Time for us so that we have the ability to focus on our lives and what matters most. Time to shut things off and dive into our thoughts to balance how our lives are going.

It doesn’t have to be lavish. Go outside, walk, read, write or go for a quiet drive. Book a hotel room in your city and block off the outside world for 24 hours. Order room service, have a dip in the pool. Turn off your tech and bring a book and a pen so that you can write your work down and truly think about what is going on around you.

Rest requires time, but way less than you think.

Yoga. Physical and mental. Perfect way to rest your mind.

Yoga. Physical and mental. Perfect way to rest your mind.

This is why we work in seasons at Barolo & Co. The BLACK RABBIT team works in four seasons with a week of rest in between. We all work relentlessly during our period of work and allow ourselves to rest so that we can continue to grow and create for the following season. We have weekly meetings to dive into what is happening, we have team yoga activities, monthly activities to activate our senses and creativity so that when the time comes to work at 100% capacity, rested and ready for battle.

There is of course a cost associated with all this. But the cost of not resting greatly outweighs the cost of doing it. As businesses, leaders and parents, it’s our duty to create environments where our people thrive. The people around us are our greatest asset and we want to make it one of our top priorities to ensure that they have the ability to lead their great life.

It all starts with you. Rest with so much intent that the rest of your life becomes clear. Allow yourself and those around you the benefits from a rested life.

Luc Doucet, CEO and Executive Chef

BAROLO & CO Creative Group