Well the week has come and gone and it was amazing! The support from the local business community allowing us to take over their businesses, our partners to be so generous and allow us to give our guests what they deserved and of course our guests who supported this idea was beautiful. It was an amazing success! This was made possible by so many and this is our chance to try to Thank them all! This is only the beginning and the next experience is already in the works!

This week would never have been possible without the help of our partners who have donated product, time, marketing and their love to the project. La Maison BeauSoleil, Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc., Moncton Fish Market Ltd., Terra Verde, Working Class Store, Sounds Fantastic, Little Louis, Les Brumes du Coude. Without you, this would have been so much more difficult and we hug you for your support and love for trying something different! And this list is long and we may keep adding but it is without a doubt why this event went so well and why we applaud them with all our hearts! It takes a team to accomplish something like this, and we believe we were surrounded by the best all week long!!!

Our Awesome kitchen team: Stephanie McLaughlin, Jon Howes, Erica Levack, Nicole and Marise Cormier.
Our drivers and go getters: Jacques Allain and Sam Froux.
Our beautiful server: Jessie Richard.
The Chefs who helped us with everything: Pierre Richard, Manny Brison, Michel Savoie, Ben Cormier and Breanna Richard.
The speakers and the winoes that brought the wines: Jamie Acker, Tammy Brideau, Ken Ermen, Ed Simmons and Troy Gould.
The amazing business owners and employees that made the the atmosphere possible: Justin Allain, Ciaran McCarthy, Jon Chandler, Jennifer Greene, Lisa Simmons, Joanne, JD Cool, Ryan Brown, Vincent Champoux.
And of course many thanks and applause to our Chef Gene Cormier for travelling from half way across the world and Maitre D' Luc Doucet.

Without all of these people and so many more, these events could not be possible! We are standing in applause because you're awesome and we love you all! Can not wait to follow this one with something even more unique and push our limits to what we can achieve. Till next time Moncton!! Cheers